“Our house is one of the most important investments of our lifetime. You want to put all your resource and much of your earnings into it. We should study our options and make our decisions wisely for it is in our best interest to carefully consider our family’s future.”   – Ken Pieper

Ken Pieper Designer

Ken Pieper is a residential designer with over 50 years of design and construction experience. He has been creating extraordinary designed custom homes for many years for clients throughout our country and now assembled a collection of homes of all sizes for his “Signature Plans” offering them as stock plans for consumers. These home plans are time tested, variable in size and architectural style to the customer’s taste and budget. Each “Signature Plan” Ken has created is carefully and professionally documented in the finest AutoCAD principles in compliance with the International Residential Code of the time and inserted with careful detail for our client to construct their dream home more accurately. Garnering many national and local design awards over these many years in addition to many satisfied clients place an important level of confidence in the designs of the Ken Pieper “Signature Plan Collection.”

Ken Pieper House Plan Service

Buying the ideal home plan to meet your needs and way of life does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. Ken Pieper Residential Designer brings to the table both years of experience and uncompromising dedication. His plan service homes are construction ready and builders have come to rely on his accurate and detailed construction drawings that are of the highest quality and code compliant. Ken specializes in the design of extraordinary homes and has had this focus for over 35 years. Our designs include everything from starter homes to elaborate luxury homes, barns, garage plans, and outdoor service buildings. Therefore you can be confident that you are buying from a trusted source. The construction documents offered have undergone rigorous detailing and Ken’s philosophy is that the home designs must be “built on paper” first before they are presented to our client. Several years of building many of the homes designed by Ken Pieper from 300 – 22,000 sq. ft. have also confirmed his on-site knowledge of how to design and build these extraordinary homes. Contact us to discuss our Ready To Build Stock Plans. We look forward to designing a home for you that compliments nature’s beauty and your personality.

What Is A Stock Plan?

Our stock plans are homes that have been designed previously for certain market segments or plans that were custom designed homes throughout our country. Our stock plans offer many styles and sizes from which to choose at a very cost effective price point. 

Each plan is carefully created with construction documents from which you will have the confidence that these drawings have been drawn to International Residential Code (IRC), and will ensure that your home will be constructed well so you can have the confidence of living in it with years of pride and comfortable home living.

Why Buy Stock Plans?

When your decision has been made to start the process of selecting the new house plan for you and your family, you have several choices to consider and many options for each.

First of course is locating property or a development and a builder. Next is to find an architect or residential designer. This is where Ken Pieper Signature Designs becomes important in the process of the home of your dreams. We make sure the stock plan home process will give you the most cost effective and efficient time spent as you select and create the home for your lifestyle and budget.

All house plan packages from Ken Pieper Signature Designs include detailed construction documents, dimensioned floor plans, basic electrical layouts, structural information, sections, roof plans, cabinet layouts and elevations, as well as general specifications. They contain virtually all of the information you will need to construct your new home. Adjustments and modifications can be created on all our stock plans to put your personal signature on your home with a timely and more cost-effective manner.

What’s Included In My Plan Set?

Each of our stock plan construction documents sets will include any of the following drawings and details applicable to the design chosen.

·1/4″ Floor Plans

·1/4″ All Elevations

·1/8″ Roof Overview 

· Sections

·Window & Door Schedule

·Wall Section

·General Construction Notes

·Room Finish Schedule

·Plan Notes

·Flag Notes

·Building Height

·Material Call outs

·Electrical Plan

·Roof Framing

·Floor Framing

·Foundation Details

·Framing Details

We recommend adding the following additional engineering and survey specific services and specifications in order for your bid, permit, insurance and construction requirements to be a final and complete set of construction documents:

Structural Engineering

Due to the many variables in each client location for our homes to be built, we cannot create specifications to conform to these different conditions. We do include in our extensive Construction Documents the Foundation layout, Roof and Floor Framing layouts, detailed Interior Sections, Wall Framing Details and most Framing Connection Details and Specifications. We strongly suggest that these details and layouts be reviewed by a local, Licensed Structural Engineering firm and specifications be attached to conform to a Certified Soils Test of your location and the local building code requirements. Additionally, we also suggest that you review your Subdivision or Development Building Guidelines, County, and City Building Department requirements for the submittal process of your Building Permit prior to the purchase of your property or a house plan.

  1. Ken Pieper Signature Plans are not structural engineered for individual site conditions, local requirements, wind loads, snow loads, or seismic conditions and as such will be held harmless to any and all adverse conditions or errors and omissions to the construction documents created by and issued by Ken Pieper Signature Plans. It is further encouraged by Ken Pieper Signature Plans that the end user of the construction documents issued by Ken Pieper Signature Plans be assigned to a certified, licensed and insured structural engineer or architect for the specific loads and structural designations for the location the home is constructed. Failure to do so by the end user of these construction documents issued by Ken Pieper Signature Plans will result in total relief of Ken Pieper Signature Plans for any and all cost, pain and suffering, or material losses incurred by the end user should any adverse occurrence to the end user or anyone involved with the construction of said structure.


How Does The Process Work?

First, is simply select and purchase the plan without alterations. We then send out the files within 24 hours and you are ready to print as many sets as required to bid for permits, engineering and any other trade that would need prints to build your new home.

Secondly, should you desire to make alterations to the selected plan, you can refer to the modification process within our site for the process. Additionally, a time line will be discussed for actual delivery of the final custom documents. 

The Purchasing Process

Since there can be many variables in selecting the plan and the options offered, we are here to discuss by phone or email for a clear understanding of all your requests. Whichever way we receive your request, we will quote your fees which can be funded by credit card. Rest assured that all of your privileged information is kept secure.

What Will My Home Cost To Build?

Many plan services offer a cost of material take off, cost breakdown, or estimate for your plan. I instead recommend the more accurate process of supplying your contractor with the latest and most accurate complete set of construction documents so they have a complete understanding of your requirements and level of finishes that you expect upon completion of your home.

Terms and Conditions

All house plan construction documents issued by Ken Pieper Signature Plans are scheduled to meet the current International Residential Code (IRC) at the time period of completion of said documents. Each state, county or city municipality will have it’s own specific requirements and code requirements and may need to be modified to meet their request.

Carefully make your selection of the plan unit as all sales are final.

Privacy and Copyright

Ken Pieper Signature Plans retain title and ownership of all designs of and the completed construction documents generated by Ken Pieper Signature Plans. Ken Pieper Signature Plans grants the right to use these plans to construct a single structure utilizing the documents purchased, only. All of our plans are protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. The plans granted to you for this one time usage cannot be issued or resold to another individual or service. Failure to comply with these specifics will result in immediate legal proceedings and a fine of up to $150,000 may be levied upon resolution of injury to Ken Pieper Signature Plans.