Be Part of the Process

We also offer our exclusive service of Ken Pieper actually traveling to your property for a professional assessment of the topography, access, utilities and the view corridors along with many other aspects that will allow your new home to become a part of the land. Many times, this personal service has resulted in a very large cost savings and satisfaction of the final location of the home and access to our customers. Many of our past clients are simply overwhelmed when trying to envision exactly where or how the actual structure will occupy there new property. This is where another set of eyes with professional expertise really becomes a valued added service to the final home site. 

“We have fun on these visits. I always involve our clients totally in this event. I carefully listen to their thoughts and when we are in agreement, great, but when I observe other options, I voice them for further discussion. I have in almost every visit to the properties throughout our great country, saved the client literally thousands of dollars in construction cost allowing the property and the new home to become one more complete Home Place.”

Ken Pieper