by Ken Pieper


Today I will address the question I’m often asked by my clients and for articles that I write for different publications. What is trending in the current housing markets? Most of us are constantly evolving with our taste in what we are looking for in life. We see this in most aspects of our life and I think it’s a healthy process. There are so many exciting new products in our housing industry. Our housing, the lifestyle we want and indeed our world is in a constant flux of change. I see this more now than ever before and I’ve personally been in this industry for many years. I primarily work with single family detached housing designs so I will address my thoughts in this area only. These are a few of the current thoughts, questions and trends I will share today.

1. Clean, modern and sophisticated. These are the three most important words I am receiving from our clients in today’s market.
2. Stronger color pallet applied on both the exterior and interior finishes as accent applications.
3. Smaller footprints for the urban areas of housing.
4. More accessibility to outside living areas that can be expanded into the interior living spaces in most locations.  
5. No carpet, more hard surfacing floors.
6. More volume ceilings integrated into every room with the addition of glass and lighting applied.
7. Multi laundry areas convenient to the bedroom locations.
8. Definite technology centers for the home office.
9. Multi use of space not to be defined at the time of design but remaining flexible for future needs.
10. More European influence of design and materials applied to new housing, especially the Spanish and Greek coastal locations.
11. Smaller square footage as prices soar but living large with the quality appointments are a must for this new homebuyer.
12. All-inclusive work centers and appliance packages in smaller but very open kitchen areas with no enclosed rooms.
13. Minimum landscape but of very quality and low maintenance requirements.
14. Family centered living spaces a must. 
15. Energy efficient insulation packages.
16. Environmentally conscious to the materials used in the construction.

“Our housing, the lifestyle we want and indeed our world is in a constant flux of change. I see this more now than ever before and I’ve personally been in this industry for many years.”

In addition to these items listed, I am finding less homebuyers requesting the home to become their “Forever Home“ as they want more flexibility in their  future lifestyle. I am seeing more people that are not planning on staying in one place for very long as was the case in the past. This applies to almost all market demographics of homebuyers. My buyers today are very conscious of the fact that they can live anywhere and work. Additionally, hardly anyone plans on a lifetime career. Many choices lie ahead for most. I think these items about cover the most expressed requests and issues our clients are looking for in today’s market and I believe these will continue for several years.
We are seeing these requests being applied to many different design styles and not restricted to just traditional or contemporary venues.

Should you have any question or comments please contact me as I really enjoy talking with my customers.

Until next time enjoy the journey!

Ken Pieper

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  1. Mr. Pieper,
    I am looking for the house plan that you created a few years ago. It was titled “The Santa Barbara.”
    There is a house plan that is similar to it on your website titled “Burberry.” We have viewed both
    and prefer “The Santa Barbara.” Is this plan still available? If so we would love to purchase a
    sketch of the house plan. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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