by Ken Pieper


Patience is a virtue. Yes, I have heard this little script thousands of times. I’m sure each of us need more of this virtue, or gift as I see it folks. When we start the process of designing and building our new home it seems to just take forever. Similar to taking a long road trip with a carload of kids, right. Are we there yet? A frequent question in this journey I can assure you. Sure, it does take time to take all of the ideas we have gathered, dreamed about and wished for to select and apply to our specific design build program. 

I touched on this subject in the last article but the one word that really wasn’t mentioned was patience. The advice here is simple. We must be flexible and expect the unexpected as issues will come up and we can either respond with a positive attitude or not. One will solve the problem, the other will only add to the issue, negatively. As stated previously, you can cut the time for designing your home by being somewhat flexible with your design criteria and shopping and purchasing a house plan from a plethora of ones to choose from on the internet. Trust me here, there are over a million choices available. Many of these services offer alteration services allowing you to customize the standard house plan more to your individual needs, including myself as we alter about two thirds of our standard house plans for our clients. A very common practice and one that will cut your time and cost considerably.

“I’m sure each of us need more of this virtue, or gift as I see it.”

Comparatively, when we design a new custom home for our clients the time required, and the fees required are much more but amendable for our custom clients as they know just what is involved and have the patience to enter and complete this journey very well.

I will continue to talk about this all-important subject as I know from experience that this one word, patience or the lack of this gift can really become a barrier in the design build journey. 

Should you have any question or comments please contact me as I really enjoy talking with my customers.

Until next time enjoy the journey!

Ken Pieper

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