by Ken Pieper

The New Home Office. (TOC)

Today more than ever before we are looking for a space in the home to conduct our work, schooling and communication. Often in the past, we have used the kitchen table, a corner of the den or study, a spare bedroom, or as I have designed in one of our customers custom homes, a space in the laundry room/mud room. Laugh you will but interestingly enough it works well particularly for the lady of the house constantly doing loads of laundry.

With what has happened in the past several months we are really looking for a more permanent and secluded “work area” for many of the new demands since we have sheltered in place. I refer to this space as a Technology Office Space i.e. “TOC” as everything we are working with today is internet driven. The high speed technology today requires much of the same equipment and sophistication as the office and classroom of our former locations due to the fact that more are working from home now than ever. Our children are learning from home now and in the future continue to require the fastest internet and quality technical devices.

The advent of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other technologies have endless possibilities for really great communication for every requirement. This new demand has created more importance in the design and planning of our new homes.
We are responding to this new challenge with the utmost focus on the importance and addressing the space planning for our “TOC” in all of our existing and new designs.

” I refer to this space as a Technology Office Space i.e. “TOC” as everything we are working with today is internet driven.”

Each family will require a different set of objectives for this space and  I always make it a goal to listen to the customer and respond accordingly. Simply stated, one size does not serve all needs. When you are scanning through our extensive offerings, you will start to see the TOC label showing up on most of our existing and new plan designs as we move forward. Our ultimate goal to meet this new demand is a top priority of always placing our customers’ needs first. This is definitely an example of the “Design to Function“ scenario.

Until next time enjoy the Journey!

Ken Pieper

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