by Ken Pieper


Trying to really understand a house plan when scrolling through so many on the internet can be challenging. I understand completely. A seemingly endless supply of lines and dimensions can become overwhelming to anyone, even a seasoned professional.
I sympathize totally after many years of designing homes that to find some graphic presentations on web sites is almost impossible to understand. This stated, these are the present day shopping conditions that we must adapt to in our “Shopping On Line” experiences. So how can we as consumers find the more understandable solution?

My suggestion is to try your best to narrow the choices to one or two house plans and if possible contact the company representative that has your selection posted. Have them send you a larger more descriptive version of the floor plan. I also personally encourage our house plan representatives to place me in contact with the perspective customer so I can answer their questions in detail. These conversations I feel are well received and a great investment of my time.

I also question the customer after our conversations, if they are really interested in a certain plan, to purchase a study set of the actual construction documents. These full scale drawings will offer so much information to both the consumer. With the study set their Builder can give a preliminary cost estimate of what the particular house plan may cost to build. We also discount these fees toward the full purchase of the complete set of construction documents. This relatively small fee is a very valuable tool in the decision process. We have provided many of these study sets to customers that found the home to be just exactly their dream home realized and are now enjoying the living experience earned.

Enjoy looking through our web site and when you find that special home that speaks to your soul, size and budget, don’t hesitate to contact me for a better understanding of our house plan and just how it will become an intricate part of your chosen property and future living experience. There is absolutely no obligation for these great conversations.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

Ken Pieper

“We must adapt to our “Shopping On Line” experiences. How can we as consumers find the more understandable solution?”


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